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产品名称: Prog Card for Firefly series ESC

  V-Good RC launched new programming card for its Firefly series ARM 32bit ESC. The purpose we launched the programming card is to expand more ESC’s preset functions, to meet more personalized needs of the users and make it more convenient for the users to program the settings for the ESCs.
Currently we divided the programming card’s functions into 6 major parts.
1. Flight Mode choice. For example: common single track and 3D flight mode.
2. ESC input throttle signal choice. For example: common remote control signal or One-shot signal.
3. Motor PWM frequency choice.
4. Active brake setting.
5. Motor timing choice.
6. Motor direction choice.

To program the settings is very easy. we just need to insert the mini jumper into the default port of the corresponding functions, connect the ESC signal cable and power up the battery, then the programming is finished and succeed.


download attachments : Programmingcard Manual

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